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Thursday, October 28, 2010

And we cry and cry and cry

Oh hey *moody* :( I just....saw....a hate page of Justin and I...disappointed.First , i wanna ask for u readers' forgiveness 'cause of my broken english...

Okay back to the story , first , im so bored so i typed "I hate Greyson Chance" well im bored =.= dont be mad , so i read all the posts and comments , well ya at first i 'like' the page and i post "I heard Greyson said tht he is better than Justin , if he didnt said tht , i wont hate him ! He is too proud of himself" (ah well , its not 100% the same with i wrote earlier) P.S SORRY TO GREYSON'S FANS...I just hate dislike him for saying tht he is better than Justin , remember i just DISLIKE , NOT HATING !! :o Lol i know at first i said i hate him but now im not...Then i saw 'someone' said tht she had reported the page , and another person said tht Greyson's only living his dream...

IT IS SO DISAPPOINTING ! Hey, compare it to Justins , report Greyson's hate page , okay thts good , but...why wont anyone report Justin's hate page ? WHY ??? and...Greyson is just living his dream , okay i understand , but Justin is living his dream too...So why u guys said he just wanna go after girls ???? >:o Grrr...And then i typed "I hate Justin Bieber" ... uhm WAIT !! IM NOT HATING JUSTIN BIEBER OR DISLIKE HIM !! I LOVE HIM !! I just wanna see what the haters are up to...Then i read all the posts and comments yeah , then I saw a  haters hater wrote "Justin Bieber's fan get outta here!You're not supposed to be here" (Yeah its not the same as I didnt remember) 

Ehemmm !! *coughcough* Okay this is for the haters "Man,lemme tell u something , u dont want us fans messin' with ur 'favourite' page , i understand , but us fans want the same thing too , we want u haters DONT MESS with the fan page , okay ? Dont mess our page and we'll not messing urs , if u broke the rules , we broke the rules too! Ahahahaa am i right ? U decide it !

Uhmm now  im bored , im sad and no one here can cheer me up , facebook , blogger , twitter , no one :( No one of my friends online... *sigh* ... :'( Am I talking too much ? Well uhh okay then im sorry for being too emotional , but yeah its about Bieber,man...Who wont be emotional ? I wont be sitting quietly watching the haters calling Justin a gay , a faggot , a girl...Sighs...A girl ? A gay ? Man , he's dating girls ! He even have a girlfriend named Caitlin , uhm yeah they broke up a lonngg time ago*good news for me yay* ...

Uhm maybe i'll write a new post later , goodbye , eh wait , attention ! Stop watching TV or drawing or whatever for a moment ! Uhmm i wanna tell ya guys tht this blog get a  GOOD VIEW IN GOOGLE CHROME ! .. So wanna see a good view ? Download Google Chrome now dude ! Yeah well Google Chrome is faster :DD Its way better than Mozilla but Im using Mozilla because my mozilla's persona is Justin Bieber , guys !! xD Auwww he's too cute! 

And oh for those who didnt know yet , go on adress up there , well UP THERE , know ? and type 'www.biebergoogle.com' ... Ouh yeah ! Its Google ! Bieber version ! But i dont like the ads :/ They make the "search box" looks small .. and yeah the ads seems to be a bit 'blue' =.= Ugh... Oh yeah , and the background ? I dont really like it thought , shoulda choose a cuter background lol.. :p Ah well lets skip to the new post , so bye for now ! Haha sorry for typing wayyyy too longgg xD
Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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