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Saturday, October 30, 2010


  Haiii .... well umm hey i wanna know , who's reading this ? Because i feel like im talking to myself :( I know my blog is not as pretty as yours but hmm...*sighed* (what am i talking bout?)...Okayokay who's reading this , leave  a message on the shoutbox at the right corner so i wont feel like no one visits my blog and im like a dork talking to myself =.= Okay im sorry for being too emotional but i just....cant help myself...I saw my friends leave messages to my other  friend's shoutbox , well heck yeah im envy lol but i know they wouldnt just came here to my blog everyday and say "hi tengku" and bla bla bla...

  But yeah im soo mad at my blog,it seems too simple :/ i know my friends and even u dont like it...I wanna change it but it take hours,it'll waste my time =__= and i know my blog isnt colourful , it seems dull instead , and yeah i write no interesting posts right ? And i talk English :/ Maybe u guys didnt like it ...And yeah my blog is about Bieber Bieber Bieber , i guess u dont like my Mr.Bieber :/ But idk what to do as i cant help myselffffff...

  I knoowww i always talk about the same thing all over again in my posts but thats me , i dont know what to do , i have no idea what i wanna write in my posts so i talk about the same thing ! look , now im repeating what i sad earlier..Grrr....*looked on the tab* OMB i just left Twitter and now 103 Tweets ? Well whatever,lets back to my story...People used to visit my blog in the past but i feel like not now :( Im all alone with my blog now..Alone...No one...Even my friends dont  came here.Just me...Posting my entries..Talking to myself..like a dork :'( No one read my posts except for me.

So i wanna thank those who visits my blog (umm just saying,in case someone visits here) and please leave a shout at the shoutbox ! If u did i'll try to write more entry for u ! If no one came , well i'll just treat my blog as my diary , and i'll post whatever i want...And im sorry again to u for being like this , i know i may sound childish , like " oh i want ppl to visit my blog,uwaaa " but im being me , well im childish sometimes...sigh..ok bye,my blog  :') *omb why im feeling so sad typing this ?*

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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