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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I want this book so badly !!

Oh hey ! Sorry ! I didnt see u there ! Im busy sweeping my blog as its sooooo ..... dusty ! Theres dust everywhereee and spider webs too ! LOL :pp Ahh well , lets talk about Justin ! Have u seenn this book ? Im envy of ppl who have his book ! Grrr

I wanted this sooooo badly !! I wanna buy it :( But its soooo expensive , RM 75+ ....  >____< Aaaaa i wanna use my own money but i think my mom wont let me :'( Uh waaaa .... Nevermind , i'll think of this again later , ah yes ! Have u see the Never Say Never 3D Movie Trailer ? :D

 Ah im soo excited !! xD Well i think seeing that movie is morreeeeee exciting than the book (just thinking postive!) , lol ... Well how do ya think,guys ? :pp Heee ~ I dont think u care about this , lol except if u're a Belieber too :) Ah well so what we gonna talk now :DD ??? Awwwh hmm....Idk lol !!

Ah this post is sssooooo boring , right ? Its not my fault :( I dont know what to say , its  ur fault for not giving me ideas what to type , hahah !! Ah then , if u want the post looks interesting , or i should say , lonngggerrrr , u should give me ideas okay ~ :DD Ah well , i gotta go now , ah u can enjoy the pics !! LOLZ ! By the way the pic are NOT Justin's real thoughts !!

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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