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Friday, December 31, 2010

The last day of 2010 :)

31/12/2010 - The last day of  2010 :( I hope today will never end .. i fucking dont wanna go to school ! I hate school ! I hate school uniform ... to be honest they make me look horrible !  -.- ughh..i dont even finish my homeworks yet..im so damn fucking lazy.. Plus,im stupid,i cant finish them :) Dear teachers,why are u giving me such a difficult homeworks ? Do u even look at my result ? Duhh..

I miss my 6 Bestari friends..

Umi Atikah
Wan Danish Mohd
Syazwan Amirul
Bakhit Irfan
Syasya Irdina

To my 6 Bestari buddies ,i hope we'll meet again.. :) I miss u guys so damn fucking much !

Please online 24/7 cause u guys are the cure to my boredness..and internet is the only thing that connects us :)
So please online everyday :p I love u guys so much ! And pleaseeee make a plan for us to meet next year ! Pretty pwease !! i want to meet u so bad !

To all of my friends,please forgive me for the bad things i ever done and talk to u :) Im just a teenage girl who makes mistakes :)

To my followers...i love u guys so much.How i wanted to NOT to change my blog's url..but my stubborn heart wants me to change it...And now u guys cant find my blog..i feel so alone..without u guys,this blog is nothing...just a piece of shit tht no one notice :)

To my Twitter friends,u guys are awesome and so supportive :) How i wish to meet all of u in person :) It must be fun.hanging out and talk all day long...Lets stay in touch since we cant meet each other kay ?

And uhh im sorry tht i wrote this post in English...For the next posts , maybe i'll type in English too :) Its just...feel so weird whenever i read my post in Malay language..like..so weirddddd...lol..Well,if u want me to speak in Malay,just tell me at my shoutbox.. :D kay ?

Uh-oh ! my sis is crying ! I got to go so sayounara and goodbye..i love u guys...Miss me okay ? haha kay peace.

Happy New Year ! xx

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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