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Monday, September 13, 2010

Facebook's STRANGEr :)

Hiii Bebeh :)

                On FACEBOOK....Do strangers add you ? Do strangers chat with you ? Do strangers talk 'bout where do u live and etc. ? Do they ?? Thats happening to me right now :o  They add me , chat with me , ask where am i living , which area of Kelantan , have some pics wearing baju kurung .. And yeah im just answered "Kelantan","Kota Bharu","13!","No","Xde" ... Simple answers .. Cause i dont really like talking to strangers on facebook..Maybe i dont like if boys chat with me.Pfft :]

               Well blogger's better :] I like answering questions on blogger or formspring .. Thats why I asked you to shout at my shoutbox whenever you visit my blog :] Well maybe cause facebook's strangers ask too many questions -,- ...

                 Notice the title ? 'Facebook's STRANGEr '..Hahaa .. Well not all strangers are strange..Well just for fun , wanna make the title looks interesting...Much of my friends now makin' a new fb (fb=facebook) acc. for hiding away from strangers :] ...Thats why i dont really like make my real pic as profile pic .. I always use artist's pics for profile pics..Heheh .. And some of da strangers mistaken they think that artists is me ..

Wahahaha well maybe they didnt watch Korean...Pfft...Whatever..And I make my wall and pics' private :] 
Bwahahaha umm im so bored now..Got nothin to do..Im down with flu laa...  Sorethroat , i cant bare it..Makes me feel pain ! So , strangers , dont chat with me or I'll off9 ... If u chat with me jugak , i'll like "ugh..he/she came in da wrong time" Yeahhh >:/ Who wants to chat in this condition ? Except my friends laa..

           :] Well friends, u can chat with me ... I was talkin' bout da strangers , not you , friend... :] ummm :( i can hardly breathe ( betul la kan ? ) ...Dont know how much tissue rolls i've used... -_- So umm wish me well okeh ? BTW im starting to call this blog 'Bebeh/Babeh' .. :] WOKEYH ??

Goodbye Guys ...

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