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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


SeLaMaT   hArI   kEmErDeKaAn , every1 !! :D LOL

PFFT ! Imma kinda late,right? National day was yesterday and yet im still shouting merdeka in my heart..maybe cause' i want some more holidays :D act i dont wanna thursday to come ! ugh.....!! kt!i dont like youuuuu!!! You're..umm....umm....umm....whatever,i still dont like you !!! >_<

              We skip from KT's topic, okay? We had PSK just now and our teacher's talkin' bout somethin' interesting :D He said, last monday , our school should replace da malaysian flag with american one and then replace it again today ! so that we can feel the change... :D that's a good idea..well cikgu razani , why dont you talk to da headmaster and see if we can do that.. :D i would so like to feel da change ... 

Well imma bit lazy to type mooreeee about national day so....goodbye for now as im going to type the next post ! and ah ! why dont you try somethin' like cikgu razani told us just now ? and dont 4get to lemme know how do u feel ! :)


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