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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

School Today 1/9/2010

Yo , What's Up ?

Hi...What's up ? First of all , wanna say SORRY k ? Cause' the  blog isn't really a sad blog..Well sadness didnt attacks me all these days... :p LOL well imma like updating this blog everyday...i dont know why.. :D hhahaha maybe boredness attacks me... :) LOL LOL LOL * well yep im not even laughing*

    Let's talk about that later..Now lets talk 'bout Jamuan Hari Raya we're gonna have :) well i know it's after raya but just lets talk about it,okay? :) My classmate,Ainaa is going to buy Secret Recipe's cake for the jamuan..And yes it costs us RM6 per person..I hope she'll buy Chocolate Indulgence or Tiramisu..somethin' like that :)

     Well today,in class,they're talkin' 'bout da jamuan but i didnt get closer to them :) instead im going to Rehan's place..hehe :D I like talkin' to Rehan,Zarisha,Mimie,Dila,Finie,Zizie..and oh yeah zizie lend my pendrive..well i lend it to her act.. :D hahahaha well lemme tell the story from A to Z :D

      First , i came to school,running as i though PP's going to shut the gate...then came in class...put my bag,clean my desk...hear cikgu razani telling stories,get in computer lab,sit with mimie * i dont care if my english goes wrong..pfft... :p* then finding layout for mimie's blog, get in library , i made a drawing for noris :) , then geog,then umm...ceramah..uh it make my legs all kebas :D sakit belakang , and hot..haha LOL...

          yes that's all..hearing is so easy,u dont know what i feel :( ..I hope cikgu Faridah isnt coming tomorrow,Amin...LOL :o Japanese's lesson , wait for me !!! :D KT,go away !! >_< PJK ,c'mon here ! :) well tomorrow our classmates will forgive each other and yeah somethin' like that...raya's coming nearer..yeeeeahhh my english seems WEIRD..back to my classmates,well it is a good thing...i hope we'll get closer..   Nakkkkkk Duittt Rayaaa !!!! :)

           Maybe i should go 2 sleep now...or kemas jadual...ugh.....I HOPE CIKGU FARIDAH IS NOT COMING TOMORROW !!!!!! :) I HOPE SENSEI'S COMING TOMORROW !!!! :) hahahaahha okaayyy maybe i should stop this here.. my fingers' already 'kebas' :'( and i should change my clothes,wash my face,pack my schoolbag... -_- pfft..act i still wanna on9..uwwaaaaa :'(

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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