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Friday, September 3, 2010


Hey Hiiiii

                  Today got nothin' to do so I help my father cutting ribbons..for hampers...! i cut about 24 ribbons..ugh...whatever :)...then just now i help my friend , Dila to 'makeover' her blog :D .... sorry,Dila...4 takin' too much time editing it .. :(

Well Dila ask me how to add pics at the post ..okayy lemme teach you *tiru ayat zizie ..lorghhh sorry zizie*
:D hahahahaha

Step 1 :First , go to posting.. 

Step 2 :Then click on the pic icon..

 Step 3 : Click Browse


After that i think you've already know how to do it..Simple right??

then how to add pic to about me :

STEP 1 : Click on view my complete profile 

 STEP 2 :Click edit profile

Step 3 : Click Browse

and wat la seterusnya... fewwwwh!! letihnya buat post ni -_-

And the last one Dila ask...how to add About Me like i did

Okayyy look the tutorial carefully k?

Step 1  : Go to PhotoBucket and pick About me icon and bla bla bla.. -_- then it shoulda be like this

Umm when u click pic u want la

Step 2 : Click the HTML code..

ATTENTION : Click the code, NOT the one written 'HTML code' ..When u clicked it,it'll be like thiz ----->

 Step 3 : Click DESIGN

Step 4 : Click Add a gadget

Step 5 : Click + at HTML/javascript

Step 6 : Paste ur HTML code 

Step 6 : Press enter then click blockquote

 Step 7 : Find small icons then paste the HTML code

Step 8 : Type whatever u want,i dont care.. :p

Step 9 : Press enter then click blockquote

Step 10 : Paste the HTML code again and continue the steps...After u're done then click save and view ur blog !!! :)

Aaa...I took a VERY LONG TIME to type all this ... -_- Im so tired...ughh..Good luck,Dila !

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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