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Friday, September 3, 2010

Calendar :D

Pheww ~ ~ !!
                Its 4.30 AM already ? :) Well imma kinda bored so search 4 widgets and etc...and i found a website 4 makin' a calendar of ur very own ! :) Well not real calendars but u can print it or set it as ur desktop background :)

And i make a calendar of.....drum rolls please !!

*the sound of drums*


Phewwww is it cute ? is it ?! :D haha im just joking... Well it does looks  cute .. to me... -_- everything which's Jun Yeon thinggy look cute to me .. ceh3..

           Well the calendar's this month so we can use it as a normal calendar.. lorr what am i saying ? everyone sees that...

And 1 more calendar....

again drum rolls ! *the sound of da drums*


Well....Zizie,idk if u like it or not...well umm...so tell me whether u like it or not .. uhuhu.. though its not very pretty...i cant find pics of u la sygg :) and Lee Joon too,only this pic of him's cute to me..heheh :D

    Well...I've post da pics...so...I shoulda go now...Sooooo godbyee :3 Muah3..heheh

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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