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Friday, October 8, 2010

Justin Bieber ♥

Hi guys ! Im so bored so i wanna talk bout.........Justin Bieber ! Yeah im a belieber now...Weeee~
Oh yeah , if anyone have seen this video below ...

I want to say that............that video is so NOT TRUE ! This is a fake news ! ..because that rumor came from a news namely "THE ONION NEWS NETWORK" (ONN) this news network gives parodies and satirical of the news so that means that all the news they report are just joke or in other words NOT TRUE ! 


What ?! You dont believe me ? Okay then look at this video below !

Okay ? Now do u believe it ?

Aaah finally i got the proof that JB's exist and he's not an 51 years old guy ! Thanks to Kak wany ! I saw it on her page :)

Okay here's some proofs i made by myself *just think of it LOL*

Think of this ,

----> If he is wearing  mask ,how could the make up artist make up him ? Make up on the mask ? LOL
----> He's 51 years old ? How come his mom still looks so young ?

----> Wow he's 51 years old and still can dance like a teenage boy *durrrrhhh*
----> Wooowww then Usher is cooperating with that old guy too ? (LOL LOL LOL)
----> Why they didnt show the girl's face in the video (They "ONN" video)

Now i hope u guys can tell ur friends about this ! I dont want everyone to believe that JB doesnt exist !

Okayyy ??? Byee2 !

What ? Not enough ? Okay then enjoy the pics ;)

Sorry , blogger problem , so not much pics :(

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

4 makan bubblegum:

$h@h_Izn@n said...

waaa...ni peminat kipas susah mati justin bieber ek..hehehhe

Tengku Nur Azliana said...

Haha yeahh (:

ZACK ENTRY said...

agak-agak kalau JB tubetul2 tua la kan, masih minat dia lagi tak??hehe

latest entry Seni mempertahankan diri

Tengku Nur Azliana said...

haa ape plak pikir smpai situ ?

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