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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Aaaaahhhhhh !!!!

Oh heyy sorry tht i switch my blog to private just now , k i'll tell u the truth , first , i wanna chnage the music ONLY but it turn out i highlited all the codes :o and i didnt know so i just delete them , i though i highlited only the music code , then i save ! Then view my blog and i was like "OMB ! What happened ?!!!" and then i go to template and...Ha-ha there's only music code there, and my background is white , everything white,my widgets all disappeard,not even one left ! 

Im freaking out tht i was about to cry lol well act im frustrated so i hit the chair and the monitor lolz...Uhmm correction , i dont cry okay ! Then i edited my blog once again =__= which is so tiring and i took about 4 hours to finished it :/ Hmm i told u it was a nuisance to edit blog by classic template...And now my blog be like this :/ I dont really like with the posts' title...Hmm..But i cant do anything and im tired now okayy..So yeah hmm i say i dont wanna write a post but i just wanna tell ya this !

After this incident , for suree laah i'll be more careful , if this happen once again later , i'll scream out loud :o Thank God i saved the html codes,wel not all thought,i still have to Google..Hmm... :/
And oh by the way , im afraid of tomorrow..All the pilots have to bring the pink card,well ko-kurikulum (if u're malaysians,u know what it is) card .. And guess what , ha-ha i think no teacher sign in tht card and when my friend tell me just now , i got shocked (uhm broken english) and i was like " Im DEAD !! " ...

OMB what imma going to do ? :'( I hope i wont be scolded by that Datin nor teachers i dont care who is it , i just hope nothing will happen and no one scolded me and tomorrow i'll be sooo happy and not even a bit of sadness (idk if u understands me,i just type and type and type) :'( OMB people and readers , please pray for me ! lolz :) 

My mom wanna go out now but i wanna watch Coffee Prince...Grr :/ So yeah ...Byeeee 

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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