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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Freaking outtttttt xD

OMB guys guys guys !!!! Sorry im freakinggg outttttttt nooowwww !!!!!!!!! Im sooooo happy ! Ahhhhh!!! EMA's on 12am on monday. And 4am on sunday ! I know its late lah but im gonna watch it no matter what !

 " We're taking digital to a whole new level.

We've just announced that music phenomenon and Twitter poster-boy Justin Bieber will be our (and your) mtvema.com digital host! To make things truly interactive – and prove that this year the party is coming to you, wherever you are – Justin will be posting live, constant commentary during the show on mtvema.com and will be giving his take on what's going down in Madrid.

Says Justin, "I'm so excited to have all my fans come watch the show with me online; it will be like one giant, global viewing party at my house!"

This year, we're giving you a chance to join the EMA conversation more than ever before. Visitors to mtvema.com will get the chance to interact with Justin, tweet, Facebook, read our live-blog, take polls and catch exclusive webcam feeds while they watch the show on MTV. Plus our better-than-ever Twitter Tracker will let you see exactly who's blowing up and what's being talked about all while letting you add your tweets right from the app.

Watch the show on MTV and interact with the 2010 EMAs right here on mtvema.com on 8th November! We'll see Justin – and YOU – then!  "

lookkkk !! :o OMGGGGG !!!! xD Then i'll wake up at 4 am ! :DD Lol i'll be online at 4 am ! ahahhahaaaa  why am i laughing?cause i got test/exam tht day !! hahahaha yeahhh im so crazyyyyy!! well thank God they're not at school time lahh..or not i'll kick u school ! ahahaa

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