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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Supwiseeee xD

Why helloooo ladies xD sorry bout the title , the supwiseeee is just tht i update muh blog ha-ha...*skipping* yeah i got test all this week and next week umm thts bad news lol :o well whateva , im happpyyyyy now ok ? why? cause i dont copy anyone in da test babeeee !! yeahoo ~ it feels so great , ya know ? xD its like i got straight a alreadyy,lmao ! Okay i think sunday will sucks babe ! Cause its a war ! Geography and KT ! :o well uh huh we got japanese test too tht day but i dont mind tht of course , i mean like...for suree ?? Geog and KT ?! How am i suppose to remember all of thattttttt ???? :/ u know i sucks at KT !

Ok its Thursday today so lets not talk about the geog and kt test thingyy its make my mood go "psshhh grrr" like tht lah..ha-ha..btw at 12 we got Sivik test , and it was just a piece of cake , well its kinda bit hard , what i mean is i finished it in 30 mins i think haha cause the questions not much la , its like 21 question i think..or 30 eh ? and cikgu rohimah is going to pkp so she didnt wanna leave us like tht cause she know we'll copy each other for sureee so she ask some of guys seniors to watch us..so they agreed and cikgu rohimah just asked 3 okay..3 ppl..and then after minutes , there are 7 guys in da class.

I mean..what ya guys doin in our class ? =.= it wouldnt be a-w-k-w-a-r-d if we got boys in our class (boys , classmates ok?) but we dont got any so i can see much of our classmated just shut up theirselves and just playing around with pencils and etc. well heck yeah me too , i just kept quiet and drawing domo on my desk , when someone says "arissaaaaaa" like a girl so most of my classmates laugh , i keep my laugh in and try to be quiet but ended up laughing anyway ... and one of da guys were acting like they're pp (prefect) :/ and walk around in da class , and he stop at my desk and look what am i drawing and im like "whadda u looking at?never seen anyone draws before? =.=" and then he left , and i was like " Thank God !" 

And then a guy came again , well another guy okay , he stood beside my desk and he was talkin' to my friend and he like 'hentak2' my water bottle and so i was like "dude,whadda u doin' , stop dude,tht is so-not-cool." and then he stops and i stared at him , yeah im mad >:o and then i dont drink tht water , thought its like so much left , idk why i dont want to muahaha xD then school ended and i walking out of da class and they bowed at us and say "bye dtg lagi" translation : "bye come again" and i dont care about them i just walked pass them and dont even look at one of them..dont know why..i just not into guy seniors =.= and i dont into guys also .. i mean , im 13 babe...well ehmm yeah i was lying :p im not into guys EXCEPT JUSTIN DREW BIEBER ~ he's my boyfiee , he said tht every girl Beliebers are his girlfriend ! Yayyerrrrr ~

And now im here , typing post for u guys , haha sorry for all of da broken english anyway well yeah its 'a bit' hard to write a post in english , i mean the story got twisted lahh... :p hha-haa i cant wait for holidayyyss to comeee :) But i dont wanna leave school , what i mean by i dont wanna leave school is i dont wanna leave my friends,my classmates lahh guys :) I'll missss uuuu so muchhh ! And teacher Suhaida is the teacher tht i will miss da most of all ! I love u so muchhh teacher ! U are so kindddd and i miss ur jokes and stuff like tht :) I hoppeee soo much tht u'll be teaching us next year...And for sensei , i hopee i'll be in ur japanese class again da next year , learning japanese is so much fun and u r so kind to us , u never shouted at us .. :) 

Uh huh this may be the longessttt post evaaaa hahah but idc lahh xD sooo....i wanna go now cause im hungryyyy...starrrvingggg !! nahh jk just hungry a lil bit...so i dont wanna make this post longer lmao so uh huh i'll see ya guys at the next post and agaiinnnnn sorry for da broken english okayyy ?? Sooo imm outttt shawties ! :)

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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