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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sneez -.-

1/1/2011 - Im sneezing and its hard to breathing...Ohh myyy..i hate when this happens..Shit shit shit...How am i going to sleep..Oh well maybe im not sleeping..My friend is online,nice :) Im talking to him..lol..Ughh i want to breathe normally..Ohh please please please...Fuck sneeze..

Oh shizz im so hating this..Its fucking 4:38 AM and i can hardly breathe..Maybe i cant sleep :( Ughh...
Someone please gimme a medicine ! But not the bitter tasted medicine..i want the sweet tasted one..And no pills ! i cant eat pills..if i place it in my mouth..im automatically will spit it out back..or just took it back with my hands.i hate pills..i wonder how ppl eat them..

Oh myy c'mon !! I want to sleep -.- My eyes are so sleepy..But my nose wont let me :( oh guys,look,i just yawned i become more hard to breathe..shit shit shit..what i have done ? i make things worse..ooh myyyyy ~
Fuck this.Im going to talk to my friends.. *sob sob*

I hope i can breathe normally soon..lol..xx :)

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