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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Worst day

Maybe this is the worst day ever...i woke up at  5 PM  like that cause i sleep like 8 AM :') Then i want to do my homeworks but i discovered a shocking thing....my class is 2 OK :'( My emotions are mixed..Sad..Angry..Stressed..I know its all my fault,if i study harder this wont happen..But i cant change it now.I dont have a time machine..

But if u give me a second chance and take me back to my Japanese class,i think i'll study harder...But can u please stop the PCA ? i suffered enough...why cant my life be nice and happy ? I dont wanna spend my life suffering and stressed out...

I feel like im dead..Just 4 or 5 of my friends are in the same class with me..But they have their own friends of course..I think they wont even glance at me..So im sitting in tht class all by myself ? And my worst nightmare...they will be boys in that class :(

And i dont wanna wear those school clothes ! Like seriously,they look damn weird on me :( Why cant we just wear a tee shirt ? *sigh* and i dont even do my homeworks..cause i no longer have the mood to do them..I hope we wont study tomorrow..ughhhh...

Why our teachers are so 'clever' ? The music class's students are going to be in a Japanese class ? WTF dude..u guys are sooooo damn fucking smart ! i thought if my results are bad im going to Razi class (Japanese 2nd class) but why am i going to OK class (normal class) ?! Dude u guys are so messed up ! I hate u school !  This is why i fucking wanna go to my old school back ! Well my old school is 100% better than this stupid stress school !

Ugghhh okay before a tear falls on my cheek or my head explode maybe i should stop this now so toodles ! :')

I want to go to SK Langgar so fucking bad :)

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