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Thursday, November 18, 2010

15/11/10 Unforgettable moment :)

Yo guys , whats up ? :D lol i know2 , my blog is all dusty ... Im wayyy to lazy to update :p dont be mad i just cant get my eyes off facebook,well twitter the most..Sorry again ! 

Imma going to write it in kinda like a story so whenever u see "i_type_somethin'_here" tht just my thoughts and my mouth didnt say it out , well some of them i kinda say it out but it like more to a whisper so nobody hears me.

15/11/10 , unforgettable moment..[Morning] i got to school and thought the principal's retirement ceremony gonna sucks as i dont like ceremonies in school :/ fuck me for hate them *lmao jk* So i just talked to my friends til' recess we all go buy food and drinks and then we're informed the ceremony will started in about a few mins later , we ate like robots , i mean like so fast lolz..

Then i walk motionles , sighed.. and then we were told to form a line , a lonnggg line , only form 1 okay..So then we stand like 30 mins i guessed :/ Its so lonnggg and then a  car passes , all stundents ran for their lives ! "Damn car,i bet more cars will come later" then yeah as u guessed tons of motorbikes and cars passes :/ even the MPKB ... Im tired of standing there and ran again and again when a car came so i wanted to go to stand by the tree which is more safer but my friend say a prefect will be mad if i stand there..*sigh*

Then yeah then van also passed..(broken english just ignore it :/) Then the teachers decided to separate some of us to stand inside  , and so i was picked also :/ the teacher asked us to go in quickly , "Nooooo i dont wanna go :( " But i cant do anything so i just walked in.Then we asked to smile when the principal walk in.."Gosh howw im the type which is hard to smile at this moment"

Then im exhausted from waiting so long "What took him so long ? :o " Then i asked my friend if she wanna come over near me but she said no . " Gosh i just wanna u stand near me , im so nervous " Idk why im so nervous lol im such a weirdo eh ? Then the principal finally walked in , i was amazed with the seniors , they are so beautiful :o Then they all stopped to watch a teacher's son to silat , so uhmm of course i wanna watch , so i stepped near them but shit...the teachers are blocking me -.- "Can u teachers just get outta my way ?! I cant see even one step!!" and then shit...it ended...i cant even see a lil bit >:(

Then at last,we can all walked in to ' Dewan Tan Sri Mohd Zahid ' ...I cant find my friends so i just sit there.With the strangers lol jk they're seniors.Then my friend came and sit in front of me so i asked if she knew where the others were so she said there by pointing to the other side . "Shit now im alone" . Then i dont even talk to my friend,idk why lol...And then the teachers started giving their speech..and after 2 long speechs,i thought it almost ended but "whaaa- ??? " another teacher started to give speech "Thank God this teacher's speech isnt boring and just great , short :) But my butts are killing me :( " 

Seriously im so in pain..I cant sit straight and my legs aches :/ sighed...*K i dont wanna talk about the rest its so boring so lets skip to the end * Then they shut off the lights and i know what we're going to do , we're watching something ! and it started well :) But at the end it showed a pic of our principal and then he's missing , i was about to cry but i hold it.I dont wanna cry here.Then i saw my friend's crying...Principal always been good to us.I remembered when i dont wear the school sport's tee and i've been detention so then most of ppl (uh humm the detentioners lol) are mad at the teacher but then principal came to us and told us not to take his (teacher) words,dont be mad at him,he is like tht.So we just nodded.

But some are still angry , i look at them then i just ignore them.Well back to the ceremony,at the end we supposed to stand up from sit on the floor and make a line like just now,so we make a line and im at the front and there this student just pushed me to get to the front.And some of ppl are squishing me..Then when the situation was calmed , i gave the student which pushed me earlier a what-the-fuck look..."Hey turn here,lemme see ur name ..Turn here !!" I glared at here and guess what , she glared at me back ...wth ?! gosh this girl is acting like a bitc* and getting on my nerves :o Then the principal get outta there and we just followed and backk to the school.

The end.lol  :p the ending is kinda weird eh ? lol idk whatever... im out ! :)

Ignore the bad words i use and the broken english :) 

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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