orang sayang saya :) Hey selamat datang :) Jangan sepahkan blog ni.Saya baru bersihkan.Tolong follow yaa darling(s).Arigatou !

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Hello honey,

Blog ni sedang di-edit lah . Datang nanti lah yaa :) Header ada prob lak :( Blog akan di-update lepas siap make-up.Haha.Themkiu btw.xoxo.

Monday, November 1, 2010

W.A.I.T :)

Okay so i feel better now :) I'll be editing my blog , wait , not now , maybe after the exam :/ Well once i start editing , it'll take hours to be done but i dont have time for tht :/ well heck yeah because of homeworks :( And yeah I cant edit my blog in the weekend too , exam shawty ! 
Im getting my A for Geography then I'll can redeem the price with my teacher,he promises us (Me+Amirah Ucp) that xD ...Ha-ha just kidding , maybe i wont redeem my price lolz thts not good :) Well act we'll see about tht later...Ha-ha now what am I talking about ? I changed the topic so early =.= 

Okay back to our topic , I'll edit my blog later , well after exam I guess...So stay tuned for the transformation of my blog ! Ha-ha-ha but i still posts new entry okayyy so buy a ticket,visits here everyday lolz ... xD 

Okayy well act i still mad about the follower gadget....uhmm no need to calm me down,i already calm noww lol broken english...I just need to see Justin's face and tweets and i'll be okay :D Ha-ha yes Justin is my weakness.. xD

So.....peace to all beliebers , im out shawty ! xD 

Love ,
Tengku :)

Thanks sbb sudi baca sampai abes.Sila ringankan tgn anda untuk like post ni.Have a great dayyyyy :)

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